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            1. 黃陵縣招商引資網
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              機械五金 Sodium Silicate We intend to purchase Sodim Silicate (Solid) with following specification for our plant use. Appearance: colorless solid,Density:2.4g/cm3,solid,Melting point: 1088Deg C(anhydrous),Solubility in water: soluble,Refractive index: 1.52(anhydrous). Pl.quote your best offer along with all terms &amp; condition for the same. Regards Co:M/s.Ferro Alloys Corporation Add:plant,Randia,Bhadrak,Orissa,India Tel:06784-240347  Fax:06784-240626 Email:facorccp**[ta]**il.com; facorccp**[ta]**aone.in 聯系人:Rajesh Kr.Vatsa國家:India facorccp**[ta]**il.com

              機械五金 Barrier Gate I am interesting in Gate Barrier. Could you send me your company profile and your price detail? Moreover,I want to know that do you sell your product to anyone in Thailand? Thank you very much,and waiting for your reply. Best Regards Co:Jowit Co.,Ltd. Add:54 B.B. Building,13th Floor,Room Klong Toey Nua,Wattana Bangkok 10110,Thailand Tel:66-2-664-3069 ext. 3101  Fax:66-2-664-3060 Email:navarat**[ta]**it.com Website:http://www.jowit.com聯系人:Navarat Limthamwuth國家:Thailand navarat**[ta]**it.com

              機械五金 Compressor Parts We are looking for spare parts for compressor's head,exactly - piston rings set. One set of spare parts for repairing of the compressor's head includes 3 rings, each one with specific parameters: 1) first: external ring diameter =88.10,width = 3.27 (2.90),height = 3.5 2) second: external ring diameter =88.20,width = 3.05,height = 3.45 3) third: external ring diameter =87.80,width = 2.40,height = 4 all the parameters are given in mm. We would like to inquire if you are able to supply above mentioned set of rings,and if the answer is positive then please let us know about the price and the minimum purchasing quantity. Thank you for considering our request! Looking forward to receiving your reply! Co:UfaDorMash Tel:7 (347) 2928000 Fax:7 (347) 2928000 Email:koshkinna**[ta]**l.ru Skype:koshkinna 聯系人:lga國家:Russia koshkinna**[ta]**l.ru

              機械五金 Oil Filter,Fuel Filter Dear Sir, Please quote your best price of following; 1) Oil Filter/LF691A/Qty 240 2) Fuel Filter/FF211/Qty 120 As we are reseller our self so please quote us reasonable discounted prices. Your quick response will be highly appreciated. Regards Co:Static Zone Tel:01- 4910373  Fax:01- 2919352 Email:hamaad.habeeb**[ta]**tic-zone.com Website:www.static-zone.com 聯系人:Hamaad Habeeb國家:Saudi Arabia hamaad.habeeb**[ta]**tic-zone.com

              機械五金 hydrostatic test pumps Dear Sir; We are looking for Hydrostatic test pump which can provide 2500 Psi for heat exchanger pressure testing suitable for the UL and ETL requirements. Our heat exchangers are of the mechanically expanded copper tubes with aluminum fins,we are using 3/8,? &amp; 5/8 diameters for the copper piping. You are kindly requested to provide us with the suitable Hydrostatic pump for this application. Hope to hear from you soonest. Best Regards Co:Refrigeration Industries &amp; Storage Co. Add:PO. Box: 22261 Safat- 13083 Kuwait. Tel:965 183 33 80 Ext 404  Email:emad.mureb**[ta]**.com.kw Website:www.ric.com.kw聯系人:Emad Mureb國家:Kuwait emad.mureb**[ta]**.com.kw

              機械五金 PVC printing machine Dear Miss, We are very interested in PVC printing machine. We are producer of pVC tubing. After our production we want to make a print on our PVC tubing,diam 12 x 16 mm. Can you give some more information about your printing machine. Please send as soon as possible to email. Awaiting your soonest news. best regards Co:Ponno Plastic Email:joop.pon**[ta]**noplastic.nl聯系人:Joop Pon國家:Netherland joop.pon**[ta]**noplastic.nl

              機械五金 LCD-TV production line Dear Sir/Madam; We are interested in producing LCD TVs in Iran,as a result we have decided to buy a production line and establish our factory here. I am wonder if you have any assembly line or production line for sale. I appreciate your kind reply and help in advance. Co:Golrang Industrial Group Add:#24,Saei Alley,North of Saei Park,Vali-e-Asr Ave.,Tehran,Iran Tel:+982188799999 Fax:+982188795252  Email:info**[ta]**.Co.ir Website:http://www.gig.co.ir/聯系人:umery國家:Iran info**[ta]**.Co.ir

              機械五金 Crimp Sprayer Pumps We are looking for a supplier of the Crimp-on Spray pumps for Cologne and perfume bottles.  We need them in Gold,and would like to purchase a sample order of 2,000 to test the quality.  If everything is good,we will use your Company as our supplier.  We need 20mm Crimp-on spray Pumps that fit a 3.4 (100ml) bottle.  Please let us know as soon as you can what you can offer.  Thank you. Co:JADErenditions Inc. Add:1262 Brownstone Ave Akron,OH 44310 Email:support**[ta]**erenditions.com Website:http://www.jaderenditions.com 聯系人:John Anthony Davis國家:USA support**[ta]**erenditions.com

              機械五金 Automatic Orange Juicers What is the cost of automatic orange juicers. Cost and freight to Freetown Sierra Leone otr to the UK. Tks for yuor attention. Co:Christayl Trading Limited Tel:44-77233-07618  Email:crmbckr**[ta]**.com 聯系人:r.Coker國家:United Kingdom crmbckr**[ta]**.com

              機械五金 -bike We are an import company in Greece interested in e-bikes (mountain,city,and folding ones)preferable with LiFePO4 batteries. EN Declaration of conformity required. Co:EN-TIMOS LTD Tel:30-6974-385390  Email:timos.trade**[ta]**oo.com 聯系人:r.PRODROMOS國家:Greece timos.trade**[ta]**oo.com

              機械五金 spot welding machine Dear Sir/ Madam, I would like to know the details and prices for spot welding machine. Recently I planned to start a workshop for fabricating works. as per the nature of my works here we need it for up to 5mm thickness. so please quote your best rates. and advise the details. Best Regards Co:CMS Group Tel:966-0-593519646  Email:jijukrishna**[ta]**il.com聯系人:r.Jiju國家:Saudi Arabia jijukrishna**[ta]**il.com

              機械五金 rotary valve Dear, Please send more spcefecation of rotary valve,we are looking to use this valve in powder cyclon. With best regards Co:Teeba Eng Ind Co LLC Add:P.O.Box: 47843 Al Qusais Dubai U.A.E Tel:971 4 2672965  Fax:971 4 2672963 Email:teeba1**[ta]**rates.net.ae Website:http://teeba.info聯系人:Mr.Munther Hassan國家:United Arab Emirates teeba1**[ta]**rates.net.ae

              機械五金 Fosfomycin Calcium Dear Sir, Please let us have your best offer regarding the 500 kg fosfomycin calcium as a first sample order. Actually we need your certificate of analysis as well and we need it to produce the first batch. Thanks and regards Co:Vetaque Co. Add:P.O. Box 14655/174 Tehran - IRAN Tel:9821 8868 16 59/60 Fax:9821 8868 16 61 Email:info**[ta]**aque.com Website:http://www.vetaque.com聯系人:Ms.Neda Bahar國家:Iran info**[ta]**aque.com

              機械五金 Fosfomycin Calcium Dear Sir, Please let us have your best offer regarding the 500 kg fosfomycin calcium as a first sample order. Actually we need your certificate of analysis as well and we need it to produce the first batch. Thanks and regards Co:Vetaque Co. Add:P.O. Box 14655/174 Tehran - IRAN Tel:9821 8868 16 59/60 Fax:9821 8868 16 61 Email:info**[ta]**aque.com Website:http://www.vetaque.com聯系人:Ms.Neda Bahar國家:Iran info**[ta]**aque.com

              機械五金 fep incapsulated viton o ring Dear,kindly give your best price c &amp; f for fep incapsulated viton o ring 220 x 10- 10 pc. fep incapsulated silicone o ring 196 x 5.33- 10 pc. fep incapsualted viton o ring 605 x 10 - 08 pc Co:WESTERN RUBBERS INDIA PVT LTD Add:C-12/13,Singh Industrial Estate No. 1,Besides Movie Star Theatre,Ram Mandir Road,Goregaon (W),Mumbai,Maharashtra - 400 104,India Tel:91-(22)-26760203  Fax:91-(22)-26760280 Email:kcs**[ta]**3.vsnl.net,wripl**[ta]**l.net.in Website:http://www.westernrubbers-india.com聯系人:Mr.Rahul Shah國家:India kcs**[ta]**3.vsnl.net

              機械五金 Electric Fuel Pump We are looking for Electric Fuel Pump,Function Requirement Typical Operating Pressure Range 200 to 400 kPa Nominal. Hope to hear from you soon. Co:Minda Corporation Limited Add:D-6-11,Sector-59,Noida - 201301 Distt. G.B. Nagar U.P. (India) Tel:91 120 4787100 Fax:91 120 4787200 Email:infoonweb**[ta]**dacorporation.com Website:http://www.minda.co.in 聯系人:Mr.Jerin Jose國家:India infoonweb**[ta]**dacorporation.com

              機械五金 Alu PP Caps We are interested to import following : 1. 28mm Standard Alu PP Caps in 5 colour print fitted with P.E. Wads. Quantity 34 Million caps. 2. 28mm Standard Alu PP Caps in silver colour with Logo on top in blue colour. Quantity 0.2Million caps. 3. 30x44mm Alu PP caps in 5 colour print fitted with P.E. Wads. Quantity 4.o Million caps. 4. 30x44mm Alu PP caps in silver colour with logo on top in blue colour. Quantity 0.2Million caps. Please provide C&amp;F Karachi by sea offer asap. Co:Murree Brewery Co. Ltd. Add:National Park Road P.O.Box No. 13,Rawalpindi Pakistan Tel:92 51 5567041-7  Fax:92 51 5584420,5565461 Email:murbr**[ta]**er.net.pk Website:http://www.murreebrewery.com聯系人:Mr.Manzoor Shah國家:Pakistan murbr**[ta]**er.net.pk

              機械五金 Ball Bearings We are looking for a supplier of small,high speed,angular contact ball bearings. The bearings should have shields on both sides. If you can supply,contact us ! Co:Repairs Only Add:19 Balowrie Street Yowie Bay NSW 2228  Tel:61-295244131  Fax:61-295244131 Email:richard**[ta]**airsonly.com.au Website:http://www.repairsonly.com.au 聯系人:Mr.RICHARD SMITHER國家:Australia richard**[ta]**airsonly.com.au

              機械五金 locks,handles,hings etc We are in urgent need of considerable quantities of various cabinet locks,cabinet handles,cabinet hings,also brass cylinder lock,drawer lock,door body lock (without handle) size 6.5,and all sizes of pad locks . Kindly pls send us yr comment on the articles : 1. Your lowest possible prices C&amp;F Bandar-Abbas port Iran ? 2. Packing ? 3. Quantity in per 20\' container ? 4. Shipment lead time ? 5. Any approval do you have for yr products ? 6. Did you export to Iran yet ? 7. Your Brand name ? 8. Your payment term ? Assuring you in case of yr quality product &amp; competitive prices ? we will place regular orders permanently . Thanks a lot in advance for yr serious and prompt consideration . Your expedition on reply should be highly appreciated. Best regards Co:shahabe shargh trading co Tel:0098-511-6619073 Email:abdi512000**[ta]**oo.com 聯系人:Mr.Mohammad Abdi國家:Iran abdi512000**[ta]**oo.com

              機械五金 CURTAIN ACCESSORIES Dear Sir, We are looking for resin curtain poles,holdbacks and finials,as per our attachment. Kindly advise if you are able to supply same. Yours truly PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FILE! CURTAIN ACCESSORIES.zip Co:ELEGANCE NOVELTIES Add:VANTONDER,CENTURION Tel:27-12-6669006  Fax:27-12-6669375 Email:yusuf**[ta]**gancenovelties.co.za 聯系人:USUF國家:South Africa yusuf**[ta]**gancenovelties.co.za

              機械五金 artificial flavors Dear Sir/Madam,I am looking for different artificial flavors to add to bottle water to make flavored water. Please email me. Co:Spices International Add:474 Fairfield Road,East Windsor,USA Tel:1-609-2061704  Fax:1-609-4433278 Email:nandysingh**[ta]**mail.com 聯系人:Ms. Nandy Singh國家:USA nandysingh**[ta]**mail.com

              機械五金 solar garden light Looking for solar garden light Stainless steel body 1PC color or white LED Ni-MH battery Co:z works Add:6400 e cholla,scotsdale,az,USA Tel:1-480-3305840 Email:gzischke**[ta]**.com聯系人:Ms. gena zischke國家:USA gzischke**[ta]**.com

              機械五金 Wall mount speakers from Chin Please send me details regards to wall mount speakers china brand but good quality with volume control for hotel rooms and the prices on my email. Co:Secuplus Add:P O Box 17555-00500,Nairobi Tel:254-723941039,733740725 Email:secuplus_secuplus**[ta]**oo.com 聯系人:Mr. Moahmed Ahmed國家:Kenya secuplus_secuplus**[ta]**oo.com

              機械五金 Chlorinated Polyolefins Im looking for chlorinated polyolefins,my grade reference in the grade CP from Eastman. Please check the website: http://www.eastman.com/Products/Pages/Chemicals.aspx Wait for your comments,thanks very much in advance. Co:Quiminutri Add:Brazil Tel:55 (19) 3578-9010 Email:tecnico**[ta]**minutri.com.br Website:http://www.quiminutri.com.br MSN:tecnico**[ta]**minutri.com.br聯系人:Rafael Santos國家:Brazil tecnico**[ta]**minutri.com.br

              機械五金 CNC Machines for fire rated steel doors Please I want machines for new factory to manifacture fire rated steel doors full line production. Punching,drilling.,bending,shearing,welding,band saw,door press,powder coatEquipments (machines) for line production. Please who interested in my product contact me. Co:Alhadaf Engineering Add:Salwa Street,Doha Tel:974-974-5216468 Fax:974-4872456 Email:alhadafengineering**[ta]**e.com聯系人:Mrs. Suhair Yassin國家:Qatar alhadafengineering**[ta]**e.com

              機械五金 Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher I require a 200 tons per hour capacity vertical shaft impact crusher( stone crushing plant) Suitable for basalt stone And will give us aggregate 24-40,12-24,12-05,5-0 Along with a jaw crusher The input size is for the same is upto 700mm-800 mm. Co:Centre Point Group Add:Amar Sajjan Complex Mangalwari Sadar,Nagpur,Maharastra Tel:91-712-6614506 Fax:91-712-6614506 Email:tejpal_singh_arora**[ta]**oo.com Mobile:91-9423684003聯系人:Mr. Tejpal Singh Arora國家:India tejpal_singh_arora**[ta]**oo.com

              機械五金 Food Processing Machine for Producing Soy Oisolated Protein We need to have information about the detail equipment for pricessing line producing soy isolated protein. Co:Golabi Trading Co., Add:Flat8,No.35,Kavoosi St.,Vaziri Pour Av.,Tehran Tel:98-21-22223916 Fax:98-21-22223916 Email:info**[ta]**gco.ir Website:http://www.ictgco.ir 聯系人:Mrs. Nazanin Nematy國家:Iran info**[ta]**gco.ir

              機械五金 Gasoline Can Plastic Filler Spout Looking for a plastic gasoline can filler spout as in the photo. Only this item. Approximate length = 24 cm. Black end cap approximate inside diameter = 4.5 cm. Red end cap inside diameter doesn't matter. I've attached an additional picture. We are looking for a company that already produces this item. We would rather not do the design work and open our own tooling. If you have this item,please contact me. Thank You. Co:Strategic Marketing Add:3434 E.,7800 S.,#209,Salt Lake,Utah Tel:1-801-7432626 Email:strategicmarketing**[ta]**mail.com Mobile:1-801-5543209 MSN:strategicmarketing**[ta]**mail.com 聯系人:Mr. Scott Glauser國家:United States strategicmarketing**[ta]**mail.com

              機械五金 Mobile Phone Accessories &amp; Parts Our Company is mainly providing the MP3,MP4,MP5, Memory card GPS Card reader Cell phones iPod Cameras USB flash drives Laptops and other computer accessories With high quality and competitive price,we import from China and sell any where. Co:Ghazala Naseem National Initiatives Campaign (GNNIC) Add:Main Landhi Industrial Area Road,Karachi,Sindh Tel:92-3462492867 Email:gnnic**[ta]**mail.com Mobile:92-3462492867 MSN:gnnic**[ta]**mail.com聯系人:Mr. Saeed Khan Abbasi國家:Pakistan gnnic**[ta]**mail.com

              機械五金 UTP Cat 5e 4x Pair,Awg 24 CCA. We are so interesting UTP Cable. Also we need some other type of cable. At first time we need permanent volume about 5 km UTP per month. Now we are interesting UTP Cat 5e 24 AWG CCA (4x pair)If you have this type of cable,we will glad to see your price.Waiting.With my respect,Alex Kozhemyakin PS: Now we are ready to order 5km UTP Cat 5e 24 AWG CCA (4 pars) Co:Prof-It Ltd. Add:Gubriya Str. 12 A,Ussuriysk,Primorsky Kray Tel:7-4234-211313 Fax:7-4234-356868 Email:bit**[ta]**f-it.us Website:http://www.prof-it.us聯系人:Mr. Alex Kozhemyakin國家:Russia bit**[ta]**f-it.us

              機械五金 Real Wax Fabric We are searching for suppliers for wax fabric stock lot 6 yds or 12 yds 24x24 72x60. Co:Wax PLC Textiles Add:4 Rue Grand Feu,Rouen Tel:33-6-67354702 Email:baghrasingh**[ta]**mail.fr MSN:baghrasingh**[ta]**mail.fr聯系人:Mr. Baghra Singh國家:France baghrasingh**[ta]**mail.fr

              機械五金 Thermal Print Self Adhesive Paper Eco in Rolls I use all kinds of paper label printing,but now I need thermal print self adhesive paper eco in rolls(an analogue of FASSON THERMAL ECO S 2045-BG40 WHITE N. I. But Fasson is at a very high price) at more reasonable price. Density: 60-80 G/M2. Size: 250 MM*1000 M per roll. I want to buy 120 000 m2. Every 15-20 days. Please,let me know the time of manufacturing,origine country,the prices and the time of delivery too. If you do not have this position maybe you can advise me some anothers producers. Waiting for your reply! Co:Bipak Ltd. Add:Russia Tel:7-499-4093270 Email:bipak**[ta]**ru 聯系人:Mr. Anatoly Epanchintsev國家:Russia bipak**[ta]**ru

              機械五金 Chocolate Fountain For a customer of my I'm looking for chocolate fountains similar like photo Quantity: 2200 pieces Please visit my website. For more information about our company. Co:CV Rojan Ua. Add:M.De Ruijterstraat 15,Best,Noord-Brabant Tel:31-6-47777190 Fax:31-499-395336 Email:info**[ta]**ojan.nl Website:http://www.cvrojan.nl聯系人:Mr. Vervoort國家:Netherlands info**[ta]**ojan.nl

              機械五金 Pharmaceuticals Raw Materials (Indazole Derivative) We are looking for indazole derivative,so kindly give us information about this topic. Co:tryambake Add:India Tel:+91 9975658672 Email:mangesh.tryambake**[ta]**il.com聯系人:Tryambake uttam mangesh國家:India mangesh.tryambake**[ta]**il.com

              機械五金 Dicofol (Insecticides) We would like to obtain small amount of dicofol,5 gallons,to ship to Montana. Co:South Ocean Add:Hong Kong Tel:852 2521-0332 Email:brook**[ta]**vigator.com,brook**[ta]**th-ocean.com聯系人:Richard E. Mcconnell,Jr.國家:Hong Kong brook**[ta]**vigator.com

              機械五金 Dicofol (Insecticides) We would like to obtain small amount of dicofol,5 gallons,to ship to Montana. Co:South Ocean Add:Hong Kong Tel:852 2521-0332 Email:brook**[ta]**vigator.com,brook**[ta]**th-ocean.com聯系人:Richard E. Mcconnell,Jr.國家:Hong Kong brook**[ta]**vigator.com

              機械五金 Circuit Breaker We would like to take this opportunity of introducing ourselves as a company dealing in import - export. Now,we have demand for HAGER circuit breaker. We would like to reference all of models because we import to supply for our agents,we need various products. Please send us your catalogue and price list for our reference. Co:Viet Delta Industrial Co.,Ltd. Add:20/5 Dinh Bo Linh Street,Ho Chi Minh,24 Ward Tel:84-8-35015089 Fax:84-8-35114834 Email:loan**[ta]**lta.com.vn,sales**[ta]**lta.com.vn 聯系人:Ms. Ansley Nguyen國家:Vietnam loan**[ta]**lta.com.vn

              機械五金 Casio Calculator We are the stationery Exporter in Singapore to Middle East. We are looking for Casio Calculator. Please contact us,if you are able to supply us. Co:Afia Imports &amp; Exports Add:103,Serangoon Road,Singapore Tel:65-62-973263 Fax:65-62-943177 Email:deena1**[ta]**gnet.com.sg Mobile:65-82687126 聯系人:Mr. Imthiaz Ahmed(Sales Department)國家:Singapore deena1**[ta]**gnet.com.sg

              機械五金 Cooler Bag BOPP We have a requirement of BOPP Cooler bag that fits 2 cans or 2 cold drinks. Pls find the attached image in the enquiry and please quote for 2000 PCS at the,ost earliest as possible,as it is urgent order. Printing on the bag is one color as the image attached. Pls send us your quotation CIF Dubai,by air. Co:Winds Advertising Add:Abu Dhabi,Adh Tel:971-2-6773330 Fax:971-2-6793339 Email:info**[ta]**dsadvertising.net Website:http://www.windsadvertising.net聯系人:Mr. Mukesh Bhagwandass國家:United Arab Emirates info**[ta]**dsadvertising.net

              機械五金 Stationery Items We want to import following stationary items: Pens,ball and gel pens,pencils,colored pencils,eraser,sharpeners,school and office stationeries. A4 papers,copybooks. What Products are you offering? Do you have a web site? If your prices are competitive,we shall be delighted to make business with you. Co:Starlite Trading Add:Royal Road,5th Mile,Beau-bassin,Plaines-wilhems Tel:+230-7773030 Email:starlite_trading**[ta]**mail.com MSN:starlite_trading**[ta]**mail.com 聯系人:Mr. Nikhil國家:Mauritius starlite_trading**[ta]**mail.com

              機械五金 Ladies Undergarments We want to purchase Cross Ladies underwear,bras in small quantities. Kindly contact us for further details. Co:Just Intimates Add:G21 Berea Centre,249 Berea Road,Durban Tel:+27317642155 Fax:+27313052730 Email:madonselap**[ta]**ban.gov.za 聯系人:Philile Madonsela國家:South Africa madonselap**[ta]**ban.gov.za

              機械五金 Tuna Fish We need 2 container of Tuna Fish for our factory. Kindly let us know if you can supply. Thanks and Regards, Co:Alsra International Add:A 48 Basement,Sector 49,Noida Uttar Pradesh Tel:91 9891690040 Fax:91 120 4572413 Email:virnirmesh**[ta]**il.com Website:http://www.alsra.com 聯系人:Mr. Virendra Nirmesh國家:India virnirmesh**[ta]**il.com

              機械五金 ar We want to buy all of kind of your car with the good price and the goof relationship..like honda,toyota,daihatsu..etc come us in website Co:cahayaintan motor Add:Indonesia Tel:62 31 5914671,5045593,70400400 Fax:62 31 5914671 Email:esg_888**[ta]**mail.com Website:http://www.cahayaintanmotor.co.id Mobile:62 70400400,081703267392 MSN:esg_888**[ta]**mail.com 聯系人:Mr. Titi Gunawan國家:Indonesia esg_888**[ta]**mail.com

              機械五金 Newsprint Paper I am looking for a newsprint paper supplier,so pls let me know if you are selling roll paper for a daily newspaper. Please contact me and let me know the prices,minimum quantity requested,etc. Thanks &amp; Regards, Co:vlucatero Add:Mexico Tel:52 624 1888272 Email:vlucatero**[ta]**il.com,vlucatero**[ta]**mail.com MSN:vlucatero**[ta]**mail.com聯系人:Mr. Valdemar Lucatero國家:Mexico vlucatero**[ta]**il.com

              機械五金 Toilet Brush And Holder Basic toilet brush and holder required.shrink wrap.12 pieces per Carton. Co:everloc Add:Nswseven Hills13 Prince William Drive,Seven Hills,Nsw Tel:61-2-96746344 Email:info**[ta]**rloc.com.au Website:http://www.everloc.com.au聯系人:Mr. RICHARD SPURWAY國家:Australia info**[ta]**rloc.com.au

              機械五金 Brass Rod Dear Sir/Madam I need the price for raw materail which I asked below; Alloy: CuZn39Pb2(Pb3),CuZn40Pb2 Standart: EN12164 LPG cylinder valve raw material : brass rod diamtert 28 mm : round Quantity : 700 ton It will be used in LPG cylinder valve production Kind regards Co:BROC DIS TICARET LTD STI Add:Zeytinoglu CAD. No: 25 Dekor Apt. C Blok Daire: 8,Akatlar/Besiktas,Istanbul,Turkey Tel:90-212-3512017 Fax:90-212-3512017 Email:reach**[ta]**c.com.tr Website:http://www.broctrade.com Mobile:00905324102029 聯系人:Mr. Omer Seyfettin Bulbul國家:Turkey reach**[ta]**c.com.tr

              機械五金 UV stabilizer Dear sir, I need to buy UV stabilizer for rubber sheet.I need grade the same as Ciba (Chimassorb 944 LD) or If you have Ciba It's ok.I need to buy 1 kg for test. Price Range: 850~1000 Other Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Kilogram/Kilograms  Co:THAIPRODUCTS FOAM CO LTD Add:85/6 Moo 4,Rama 2 Rd,Samaedum,Bangkhuntien,Bangkok,Bangkok,Thailand Tel:( 662 ) 895 5155-9 Email:thaiproducts**[ta]**ifoam.com Website:www.thaifoam.com Mobile:( 662 ) 895 5155 聯系人:Ms. Rusrin Ruengwongpokin國家:Thailand thaiproducts**[ta]**ifoam.com

              機械五金 UV stabilizer Dear sir, I need to buy UV stabilizer for rubber sheet.I need grade the same as Ciba (Chimassorb 944 LD) or If you have Ciba It's ok.I need to buy 1 kg for test. Price Range: 850~1000 Other Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Kilogram/Kilograms  Co:THAIPRODUCTS FOAM CO LTD Add:85/6 Moo 4,Rama 2 Rd,Samaedum,Bangkhuntien,Bangkok,Bangkok,Thailand Tel:( 662 ) 895 5155-9 Email:thaiproducts**[ta]**ifoam.com Website:www.thaifoam.com Mobile:( 662 ) 895 5155 聯系人:Ms. Rusrin Ruengwongpokin國家:Thailand thaiproducts**[ta]**ifoam.com

              機械五金 Coreless toilet tissue from China Material: wood pulp Roll height: 9.2cm Length: 12cm*767 sheets = 92m 2ply,15.5gsm Not embossed,edge embossing is very important, only factory could do edge embossing contact Package: 6 rolls/shrink wrap,36 rolls/carton Buy from China mainland only 息期限:長期 國家地區:United Kingdom 聯系形式:公司/地址/電話/電郵 :該詢盤未經本網核實,請自行評估是否聯系 Co:P&amp;P Co.,Ltd Add:Exchange Room,383 Midsummer Bourlevard,Central Milton Keynes,Milton,Kent,United Kingdom Tel:44-0-1908255520 Email:pandphygiene**[ta]**il.com  聯系人:Mr. eric Alani國家:United Kingdom pandphygiene**[ta]**il.com

              機械五金 Ethyl alcohol 99% Ethyl Alcohol  Lot No.20060327 Class result First class Common class Appearance Transparent liquid Transparent liquid color,APHA >;10 ordor Non ethanol,%V/V<; 96.5% acidity,;30 15 18 aldehydealdehyde,g/100ml <;0.0003 0.0030 0.0013 methanol,g/100ml <;0.01 0.01 0.005 Acid acetic acid,g/100ml <;0.0010 0.0020 0.0016 nonvolatile matter,g/100ml <;0.0020 0.0025 0.0018 Heavy metalPb,mg/L <;1 0 Co:GoldChem Canada Inc. Add:samjung b/d 801,jungku,Tapyung-Ro 1Ga,Seoul Korea,Seoul,South Korea Tel:82-2-7566310 Fax:82-2-7566314 Email:goldchemcanada**[ta]**oo.ca聯系人:Mr. christopher KIM國家:South Korea goldchemcanada**[ta]**oo.ca

              機械五金 Washing powder,laundry soap,beauty soap We inquire: Washing powder,laundry soap,beauty soap Please; reply to alain. Regards Co:ONE AUTOMOTIVE Co,Ltd Add:BL 061 Belambanana,Andoharanofotsy,Antananarivo,Madagascar Tel:261-3305-75909 Fax:261-20-24 552 01 Email:one_automotive**[ta]**mail.com聯系人:Mr. ANDRIATIANA Alain國家:Madagascar one_automotive**[ta]**mail.com

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